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Lost in Eden

A poor depressed Terran, lost in space. The only thing there to save their sanity is a text communicator and affini propaganda. ( A Human Domestication Guide story)

Cuddle & Monster

After a malevolent spell intended to turn her into an animal goes awry, Cherry finds herself stuck as a plush toy. She now has to cooperate with the warlock that tried to transform her in the first place as her latent magic goes out of control and starts to change the warlock in unexpected ways.

Once More to See You

Sybil, a young witch, has been having prophetic dreams about a girl she loves, a girl from somewhere else. She strives tirelessly to craft a spell that might summon her future lover, but when all is said and done, much to Sybil's dismay the one who stands before her is not her dream woman, but Isaac, a down on his luck guy from Earth. He seems nice enough though, and willing to help her gather reagents for another attempt at getting the spell right. As the two embark on their journey, Sybil comes to realize that Isaac may not be all they seem, and that the woman she's meant to be with may be not so far off, after all.

Divine Beauty and Grace

It's always been young Finn's dream to one day become a famous knight - but when an order of knights actually comes to his village in order to recruit, fate has something completely different in mind for him...

Stranded in the void

After a catastrophic jump, Luis and his crew is stranded in deep space without communication, little food and increasing tension. But that might be the least of their problems for there are also three affini on board. ( A Human Domestication Guide story) Stranded in the void by Exhausted Ambition

Wellness Check

 A very dense hacker gets a wellness check by her new evil insidious overlords, the affini. Forced to interact with her alien case worker, She definitely totally outwits them and does not in anyway become a loving little hypnotized pet. ( A Human Domestication Guide story)

Petals and Vines

The middle of a war isn’t exactly the best time to figure out who you are, and fighting a hopeless rebellion is even worse. But maybe there’s still a chance for it to all work out. ( A Human Domestication Guide story)


One woman's capture at the hands of the Affini sparks a journey of self-discovery that leads her to realize that her capture might be the best thing that's ever happened to her. ( A Human Domestication Guide story)

Saving a Stray

 A very sick young woman is saved from her illness during an alien invasion, the kind and very pretty affini who saved her offers to take her in and show her how much better her life can be as an adorable pet. ( A Human Domestication Guide story)

Negotiations on shaky vines

In the far future as Humanity loses world after world to the affini Compact, one ambitious human will fight with words rather than ships. But is the struggle for power really worth it, or will they find more happiness as a pet? ( A Human Domestication Guide story)


Two terrans and two affini enter a propaganda campaign to ease terran fears in the wake of the Human Domestication Treaty. They will play the part of florets and owners, but only for the benefit of the cameras. But what about behind the scenes? ( A Human Domestication Guide story) Cross-Pollination by Priestessamy


In a realm where hair color determines a person’s worth, Prince Delvaran was destined for greatness. However, when his kingdom falls to invaders and his magic backfires, he becomes stuck as a light-haired girl. He disguises himself as a maid in his former castle, and plots to assassinate his conquerors. All the while, a powerful empire stirs in the east, where two thieves conduct an ambitious heist.


Joseph was a pessimistic loner, angry with both his existence and the world. After a misused wishing stone alters his body and robs him of his voice, Joseph is forced to evaluate his life.

Perfect Harmony

Evan and his three closest friends take part in an ‘organic’ virtual reality Beta test. Together, they learn how immersive 21st century video gaming has become while they explore the fantasy world of their favorite book series and re-discover themselves.


Lieutenant Wolfgang Locke, OCNI, is captured by the Affini. The first duty of an officer, when captured, is to escape, and that's precisely what Lt. Locke intends to do. Or, at least, he would, if he could move. ( A Human Domestication Guide story)