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Puppy Love

A lonely baker is visited by a sultry, buxom cupid, who quickly takes a liking to the easily-flustered girl—and decides a few little love-potion kisses would make her the cutest little obedient puppy.

Holly and the Hypno House

Holly has never been invited over to Lily’s house, which is odd since they’ve been friends since kindergarten. Turn’s out Lily lives in a mansion that’s older than the whole city, and her family has a secret.

I put a spell on you

Allison is ex-service member on the now largely abandoned Eris-Minor. Largely disillusioned with the Accord and Life she lives fairly listlessly until one night the Affini Compact finally arrives. ( A Human Domestication Guide story)

In The Garden of Eden

In the far future of the Compact’s conquest of the human race, a lone ship drifts through space unabated. On it, a certain individual who is disillusioned with the way their kin are acting. Will they find peace? ( A Human Domestication Guide story)

The Grand Folia Hotel

When an Affini outpost and the object of Phoebe’s spy assignment for the Rebellion turns out to be an elaborate “floret-run” hotel, she begins to wonder if she’s in over her head. ( A Human Domestication Guide story)

Nurture & Acquisitions

“Xenia: Linden’s Luxury Stellar Vacation Destination!” Not so luxurious for Gale Rossings, a Linden employee struggling to protect worker health and safety. Honestly, she’d sooner expect an alien invasion than any positive change… ( A Human Domestication Guide story)


Lena’s job in the Terran Accord as a Space Traffic Controller is vital for safe travel around Terra, and she is sure that nothing will change that, not even an invasion by giant plant aliens… ( A Human Domestication Guide story)

Misguided Rebellion

Self-proclaimed “Terran Genius”, Zeitha Rebuille, is tasked with defending humanity, but when her intellect fails her, what then is she left with? ( A Human Domestication Guide story)

Lost in Eden

A poor depressed Terran, lost in space. The only thing there to save their sanity is a text communicator and affini propaganda. ( A Human Domestication Guide story)

Stranded in the void

After a catastrophic jump, Luis and his crew is stranded in deep space without communication, little food and increasing tension. But that might be the least of their problems for there are also three affini on board. ( A Human Domestication Guide story) Stranded in the void by Exhausted Ambition

Wellness Check

 A very dense hacker gets a wellness check by her new evil insidious overlords, the affini. Forced to interact with her alien case worker, She definitely totally outwits them and does not in anyway become a loving little hypnotized pet. ( A Human Domestication Guide story)

Petals and Vines

The middle of a war isn’t exactly the best time to figure out who you are, and fighting a hopeless rebellion is even worse. But maybe there’s still a chance for it to all work out. ( A Human Domestication Guide story)


One woman's capture at the hands of the Affini sparks a journey of self-discovery that leads her to realize that her capture might be the best thing that's ever happened to her. ( A Human Domestication Guide story)

Saving a Stray

 A very sick young woman is saved from her illness during an alien invasion, the kind and very pretty affini who saved her offers to take her in and show her how much better her life can be as an adorable pet. ( A Human Domestication Guide story)