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The Shoe On The Other Foot

Arianna used to bully Olivia, but years later they become roommates, and surely that’s all water under the bridge, right? Naturally Olivia wouldn’t leverage Arianna’s guilt to turn her into a stuttering foot-simp. Right?

I put a spell on you

Allison is ex-service member on the now largely abandoned Eris-Minor. Largely disillusioned with the Accord and Life she lives fairly listlessly until one night the Affini Compact finally arrives. ( A Human Domestication Guide story)

Mag Force 7

The Mag Force 7 series is a science fiction series written by Margaret Weis and Don Perrin. The series consists of 3 primary works: 1) "The Knights of the Black Earth" 2) "Robot Blues" 3) "Hung Out". The books follow the adventures of the Mag Force 7 team, a group of mercenaries who carry out missions too dangerous for anyone else to handle. The series are spin-off from the Star of the Guardians , science fiction/space opera novels. Considering the series was written in the early 90s, they were pretty progressive and featured positive treatment of  LGBTQIA+ characters. Mag Force 7 by Margaret Weis and Don Perin

In The Garden of Eden

In the far future of the Compact’s conquest of the human race, a lone ship drifts through space unabated. On it, a certain individual who is disillusioned with the way their kin are acting. Will they find peace? ( A Human Domestication Guide story)

Pretty Gay

Riley knows he can't be gay. He only likes girls after all. But no matter what he says, the butch lesbian bully who sits a few rows behind him won't stop calling him gay. She, on the other hand, has been waiting impatiently since the first day of class for Riley to finally get a clue.

To Own The Libs

 Crossdressing? "Eh. They're just clothes." Coming out? "Joke's on you, I was just pretending!" Changing your name? "...I can always change it back..." Starting hormones? "..." How far would you go... To Own The Libs?

My Roommate Turned Me Into a Pogchamp

Sometimes you find yourself in an odd situation. Like being personally called out as a "Good girl" and "Pogchamp" by a newly famous Vtuber on almost every stream. But what do you do if you're a guy? Go along with it? Obviously you should say something, but why does it feel so nice? Hmm. Probably overthinking it. Also why does my roommate insist on not referring to me by my name, or as a guy? I can't quite put my finger on it.

My Only Fan

What do you do when you lose your job during the pandemic and need to pay rent? Well start an OnlyFans of course. But what if your a guy? Obviously you should dress up and pretend to be a girl right? Right? But once you no longer need the money, you should stop so actual trans girls should get more income, it's the right thing to do. But why does feel so good? And why does your coworker insist on not using your full name? Only one way to find out.

The Grand Folia Hotel

When an Affini outpost and the object of Phoebe’s spy assignment for the Rebellion turns out to be an elaborate “floret-run” hotel, she begins to wonder if she’s in over her head. ( A Human Domestication Guide story)

Nurture & Acquisitions

“Xenia: Linden’s Luxury Stellar Vacation Destination!” Not so luxurious for Gale Rossings, a Linden employee struggling to protect worker health and safety. Honestly, she’d sooner expect an alien invasion than any positive change… ( A Human Domestication Guide story)


Lena’s job in the Terran Accord as a Space Traffic Controller is vital for safe travel around Terra, and she is sure that nothing will change that, not even an invasion by giant plant aliens… ( A Human Domestication Guide story)

Misguided Rebellion

Self-proclaimed “Terran Genius”, Zeitha Rebuille, is tasked with defending humanity, but when her intellect fails her, what then is she left with? ( A Human Domestication Guide story)